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What Makes God Trustworthy?

One morning while getting ready to work from my home office, I asked The Lord what to write to you this month and how your heart needed to be encouraged. I was in my bathroom mirror and had just finished my dentist-recommended two-minute requirement for brushing my teeth. I was getting ready with an expectancy for how The Lord would answer my request. While preparing the rest of my face for on-camera work meetings, He responded back to me, "Remind them that I [The Lord] am trustworthy." When I heard this, my heart rejoiced and began to reminisce on all the ways He had shown Himself trustworthy and faithful in my own life. I was also giddy for how He wanted to show Himself trustworthy to you too and remind you of this now.

The Bible has proven to be one of the best ways of communicating to us the how and why behind what makes God's trustworthy. It is the best place and source for noting His character and checking His biographical and historical references. So please allow me to show you in His word the trustworthiness of our God, sis.

Below are just a few places I decided to outline. God's word is full of places where we can see His trustworthy DNA and use it as fuel for our own circumstances and stories.

  1. God is trustworthy because no one compares to His goodness nor will they outlive His faithfulness. I recently read Psalms Chapter 23 (ESV), and the goodness and faithful nature of our God leaped off of the pages. In this chapter, He not only conveys He will take care of us in good times and in bad, but that He is there to lead us to where we need to go and the places we need to be (Psalms 23: 1-4). He also shows up when others are against us. And reminds us who we are and the overflow of what we have by trusting in Him (Psalms 23:5). In God's faithful and trustworthy hands, we have an inheritance that will last us for the length of our days (Psalms 23:6). Can you recall a time where God has been a Good Shepherd to you? Write it down or offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to Him for how He shepherded you though that good or bad time. This is also a good time to request The Good Shepherd if you are in a season where you may need His guidance, help, or provision.

  2. God is trustworthy because no one thinks like He does. No one can give words of vision with provision like He can. One of my favorite verses in scripture is Isaiah 55:8. I constantly reflect back to this verse when I need to challenge my flesh or counter my way of doing things according to my plans. I often remind myself that God's word and way will yield the best for my life both now and in the future. Even when I do not understand or can make sense of the things around me, I can trust in the things He has said and have already put into motion by and with His word (Read Isaiah 55:8-13). These few passages in Isaiah help convey the beautiful picture of how God's words and thoughts provide exponential nourishment and provision in the midst of where we are; and hope for the things to come. In the things He has said will happen for us. We can trust the words of The Lord when He speaks them.

  3. God is trustworthy because He knows the beginning and the end. No one else knows or can tell the complete story like He does. For a major part of my Christian life, I avoided the Book of Revelation. But recently, I read the entire book and was in awe of how much God revealed about the past and what was to come. How much He gave insight and credibility to the earthy things and heavenly things. How much He knew exactly what had taken place or would need to take place on earth and in heaven. How much nothing would ever catch Him off guard. Reading the entire Book of Revelation provided me with an assurance and confidence of who God is, what He has done, can do, and will do for us from the beginning of time to the end of it. A revelation that He could be trusted for all time and until the end of time. Do not be like a younger version of me and base your knowledge of God and the Book of Revelation by what you have seen in movies. Go to God's word and see for yourself all that God reveals and what He knows about what has happened and will happen. See that He is a trustworthy starting point and ending point. Both now and Forevermore.

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