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I have felt the pressure to remain within the guardrails

of a well-defined Christian life and conform to others’ expectations for my life. I have allowed other’s expectations to dictate the possibilities of what I thought God could do or wanted to do in my life.  I do not know God intimately. And because of this, I would compartmentalize the things I thought God could handle; and the things I wanted to handle.

However, an answered prayer in my mid-20’s to know God differently and seek God intimately in all things would change my life. I no longer wanted to live life according to what people told me about God; or only allow him the piecemeal pieces of my life. I had a real desire to get to know God for myself and his plan for me in all things.  

The more I seek God out; the more he shows me his plan. God desires to reveal himself to me, just as much as I desire to get to know him. Not just in one thing; but in all things. God desires to reveal his heart towards us in all aspects of our lives.   

And guess what?

The more I sought God out; the more he revealed his heart for me.


 answered prayer in my mid-20's

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Allow God the space and room to reveal himself and his divine plan.  Allow God to show us that He is masterful, purposeful, and intentional—not just in one thing: but in all things.  He has a plan that is uniquely designed for us. And I promise it is better than anything we could curate or create for ourselves.


By choosing to personally seek Christ in all areas of our lives, we open ourselves to joy and success that we never thought possible. I look forward to sharing stories of his faithfulness together as we submit our complete lives to him. In all things and in all ways.

In His Love,

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When you know the truth and live the truth, it changes everything."

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