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A Divine Wedding Band of Hope and Commitment.

While sitting in a weekend church service, God showed up for me again.

In this service, I was sitting at the end of a row of retractable gray folding chairs. The comfortable gray folding chairs with the good cushion. I was upright in my seat with my right leg crossed and resting over the left. The leopard print shoes I selected to go with my outfit this evening were a good choice.

As I was waiting for the service to begin, my heart and mind began to wonder and ponder my current season of waiting for a spouse. It was one of those times where my single waiting heart needed some affirmation that God still saw me in all my waiting and longing for marriage. We single girls know these thoughts can come up at the most random or inopportune times. And here I was sitting in a church service, with these heart’s questions and thoughts on my mind: “Am I waiting in vain for you to bring a special someone or relationship, Lord? Do you hear me and see me in my asking and waiting? Am I asking you for too much?  Will you be faithful to me in this season while I continue to see everyone else find their future someone?

In this season and at this weekend service, the waiting and current holding pattern felt like it was taking WAY TOO LONG for God to answer this single girl’s request for a future mate. My heart was also questioning God's faithful hand.

Nonetheless, before the start of service, The Holy Spirit spoke back to my heart and mind, “[The Lord] is just as committed to you as you are to him." The Holy Spirit would go on to reveal that God’s commitment to me was just as important as the commitment I had made to him. He was divinely committed to our relationship and to the things on my heart and mind in this season. And would provide for me where and when my heart needed him most. In my waiting and in the the things that appeared to weigh me down.

He also revealed that I was wearing a divine wedding band of heaven’s hope that symbolized I was always loved, known, and seen by him- my words, my thoughts, and my actions. He saw me. He saw all of it, every bit and piece of my life and story. He goes on to remind me he is a committed First Love. And this divine wedding band of hope and commitment also represented just how much I am well taken care of and readily spoken for. I am spoken for by him, first. These words, imagery, and revelation proved to be right on time, and were the perfect fit and size for my spiritual heart and hand.

As committed daughters of The King, we have and may wear this divine wedding band of hope and commitment too. One that conveys his commitment and heart for us in our waiting and the things that may be weighing us down.

A divine wedding band of hope and commitment to affirm how much we are heard, known, and seen.  

A divine wedding band of hope and commitment that brings refreshment of joy, hope, and peace to our hearts, minds, and souls.  

A divine wedding band of hope and commitment that rushes to remind us of his great love and that he will never leave.

I think an important lesson during this waiting season in my life and about God’s desired faithfulness in your life is this, sis: If we are faithful in presenting our hearts and minds to God, He is faithful in meeting us exactly where our hearts and minds are too.

If are committed in the things we bring to him, we will see just how committed he is, has been, and will always be to us too.

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1 Comment

Aisha Jones
Aisha Jones
Dec 31, 2023

Beautiful story!

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