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The Imperishable Seed.

“For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” ~1 Peter 1 :23 NIV

When I first read this verse, there was something about the word imperishable that stuck out to me.

With a simple Google search, I would find that the word imperishable simply put means “enduring forever.” I thought, wow what a beautiful reminder of the access that I have as a born-again daughter –access to a never-ending supply of strength and encouragement through the word of God. It was also a timely reminder that word of God is living to meet us in the places where we are and need it most.

1. The word of God is living to help us defeat the lies of the enemy.

2. The word of God is living to offer us encouragement in our daily walks.

3. The word of God is living to deliver us hope for the hard place.

4. The word of God is living to gift us with joy in seasons of waiting.

5. The word of God is living to extend peace, provision, and wisdom in our situation.

6. The word of God is living to provide us with strength in any storm.

And just as God’s word living, it is also enduring. Which means that it not only lasts longer than any situation or season, but that it has the power to reign over it.

God’s word outlasts them all.

In reading and re-reading 1 Peter 1:23, I felt the Lord wanted to remind you of the power that His word possesses. To remind you to speak the word of God over yourself, your families, your situations, and seasons.

So, go ahead and find you a living and enduring verse or verses to speak over yourselves and situations this week. Tape them to your bathroom mirror or bedside tables if you need to. Commit to water the imperishable seeds by reciting or repeating them aloud and often throughout your day.

We do not have to find the strength in ourselves or the answers on our own today or any day. God’s word provides the answers for us. His living word can and will endure over our weary or waiting hearts.

May you rest in God’s imperishable seeds of encouragement this week.

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